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How to Help Both You & Your Teen Driver

Creating guidelines for your teen driver:

Many teens pass their driving test around their sixteenth birthday. Although it’s the legal age to receive a driver’s license in many states, it is not a magic number which means teens are experienced behind the wheel. Only you can decide when your teen is ready to drive without adult supervision.

After they have a license, teens are still gaining experience as new drivers. While they’re learning, you can help keep them safe by setting rules about when, where, and how and with whom they may drive.

  • PUT A LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF PASSENGERS IN THE CAR: Teens are likely to have more trouble focusing on the road with laughter, music, food and other distractions, all of which increase with the number of passengers.

  • ESTABLISH AND ENFORCE A HOUSE CURFEW: Check with your local police department to see if your town has a curfew for minors. If not, set your own.

  • INSIST THAT YOUR TEEN AND HIS OR HER PASSENGERS ALWAYS USE SAFETY BELTS: Teens tend to use their safety belts less often than other drivers. Remind teens that the presence of air bags does not mean they can ignore safety belts. These two safety devices are meant to work together to reduce injuries and fatalities.

  • LIMIT OF SUPERVISE YOUR TEEN’S DRIVING DURING TIMES OF HIGH RISK: The highest number of driving crashes occur on Friday and Saturday night and early Saturday and Sunday morning.

  • SET DRIVING AREA LIMITS: If your teen wants to travel outside your geographic area, require that he or she request special permission

  • PROHIBIT DRIVING OR RIDING WITH OTHERS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL: Driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol are life threatening issues as well as being illegal. In addition to the possibility of legal punishment, tell your teen you will revoke driving privileges for a given amount of time if found to be driving or riding with others under the influence.

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